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We help enterprise brands and visionary product designers scale their eCommerce success with analytics. Our approach is simple, fun, and effective.

Find true power in your data with 455nm

Optimize Your Online Store with Analytics.

Win and retain customers by understanding three things:
what works for them, what doesn't, and what to do about it.

We speak Data... you don't have to.

Your job is to wow your customers. Our job is to help you understand what makes them tick. We base our tracking off your unique business objectives, strip away the complexity and jargon, and provide you with a clear line of site into your audience's behavior and preferences.

The newest business analytics platform
Radically new data solutions

A Clear Line of Sight.

Analytics should be simple. You want to guide your customers from their landing page to checkout, smoothly and with minimal drop off. Our suite of intuitive Conversion Reports are backed by years of eCommerce success
- and a method of data capture that's consistent and reliable.

Focused on Action and Impact.

Imagine owning a stock portfolio that never showed a return.  You’d probably make a few changes!  Yet this is exactly what many business do with their data.  
The purpose of Analytics is to improve business performance.  Your data is one of your most valuable investments - we’ll help you unlock its potential.

The newest business analytics platform

Our Services

From launching Analytics on your site, to dashboards and analysis, our suite of services is designed to keep you informed and moving forward.  We’ll keep your analytics humming while you focus on your customers and product.

Machine learning

Analytics Liftoff

User behavior tracking and a suite of starter dashboards and reports - all based on consistent data you can trust.

Embed analytics

Analysis & Reco's

We can help you ask the right questions of your data, and provide you and your team with actionable answers.

Access control

Managed Analytics

Keep your data current and consistent with our managed analytics solutions. We'll take care of the heavy lifting.

Data analytics

Coaching & Training

One-on-one and group training sessions, video tutorials and resources, tailored to your business.

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